Noam EbnereMediation by Noam Ebner

"...e-Mediation, the most widely offered service in the ODR field, would seem to be facing a growth phase as small-scale practitioners take their traditional practice online, in part or altogether. Current trends indicate that traditionally accepted boundaries regarding areas of practice will cease to hinder mediators, and that mediation will develop in contexts triggering high emotions and involving meaningfulrelationships...."

Noam Ebner is an assistant professor at the Werner Institute at Creighton University's School of Law, where he chairs the online graduate program in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. 



"...Emediation not only saves the parties the time and expense of travelling to a conventional mediation, it even saves the parties the trouble of agreeing on a date and time for the mediation.   Posts are made in each party's private or joint chat rooms at a time and pace that suits them, enabling the parties to fit the mediation round the rest of their busy lives...."

more: http://www.mediation1st.co.uk/?p=mediation.by.video.conference