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IMI-Certification for Mediators

Logo for IMI-certificated MediatorsLevel 1: International mediation - theorie

Other cultures

Dealing with other languages​​

International law:
- Conventions
- The Hague Conventions
- EU directives and regulations, in particular:
  o Inheritance Law
  o Enforcement law 
 - cross-border mediation

International Professional Law of Mediation

Mediation facilities in the countries of the European Union



Level 2: English for non english natives

English basic concepts and vocabulary of mediation and conflict management

Description of positions, interests and needs in stages

Traps and misunderstandings from German to English and vice versa /german/i_want_to_become_a_steak_englishgerman.shtml


Level 3: Roleplays and case studies

Roleplays with feedback in groups

concrete exercises on the required skills

Editing of real medication cases

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The "European Mediation Academy" (emeac) was approved as an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program by the International Mediators Institute (IMI)  in January 2019. 

Victor Schachter, a well-known business mediator and distinguished ex-lawyer from the United States, a great partner Law Firm Fenwick & West LLP, Silicon Valley, California and President of the "Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives"  was spüeaking in Zagreb about the chance for attornes to see mediation as an opportunity. He made it interesting, attractive, straightforward and clear for Croatian lawyers how mediation can simultaneously increase the profitability and satisfaction of attorneys in everyday work.

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