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More about emEac

The people behind emeac and m4all are the experts of mediation in Austria and Croatia.

Its mission is contributing to the development of mediation through promotion in civil and family area:

  • Lobbing and advocacy for establishment of the legal framework for mediation (implementing in the law structure);
  • Capacity building through organization of high qualified training programs in mediation;
  • Awareness raising in the area of mediation, negotiation, facilitation, reconciliation, restorative justice, peer mediation, etc., tailored to the needs of state institutions, civil society actors, local government and schools;
  • Development and application of the monitoring and evaluation scheme to assess the quality of the mediation service provided to parties;
  • Contribute to the implementation, awareness and use of mediation in the European countries, by promoting and organizing information and training sessions in mediation particularly directed to all legal professionals, including magistrates, lawyers, paralegals, notaries, law students, mediators and any other interested parties;
  • Promote and organize conferences, events, debates and legal publications in order to contribute to the development of mediation in the European countries;
  • Support and develop mediation in cross-border conflicts, at European and global level;
  • Our certification program puts strong emphasis on skills assessments for each candidate;
  • emeac also has a particular focus on Europe to ensure that European heritage and values are incorporated in the development of solutions that suits European conditions.

emeac attaches great importance to the cooperation with the science. Many university professors are working as trainers for emeac.

The European Mediation Academy emeac was founded by "Mediation For All".

Director of the European Mediation Academy is the international business mediator Peter Adler.

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The "European Mediation Academy" (emeac) was approved as an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program by the International Mediators Institute (IMI)  in January 2019. 

Victor Schachter, a well-known business mediator and distinguished ex-lawyer from the United States, a great partner Law Firm Fenwick & West LLP, Silicon Valley, California and President of the "Foundation for Sustainable Rule of Law Initiatives"  was spüeaking in Zagreb about the chance for attornes to see mediation as an opportunity. He made it interesting, attractive, straightforward and clear for Croatian lawyers how mediation can simultaneously increase the profitability and satisfaction of attorneys in everyday work.

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